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Working with our talented team

During your time with us, you will have the opportunity to work with our talented team of scientists, physicians, postdoctoral fellows, and clinical research coordinators. It is our hope that you will be as excited as we are to make a difference. We are confident that this experience will be informative, educational, and enriching to your academic profile. You will be exposed to the most cutting-edge imaging technology in fetal diagnosis.

Immanuel's Story

Immanuel Raymond Charles Bradshaw made his first cameo appearance with his grandparents back in February 2020. 

That’s when Alisha Bradshaw and her husband, Raymond Bradshaw Jr., shared ultrasound images with both sides of their family during an in-person baby reveal. “This gathering was before the shutdown and the recommendations to remain 6 feet apart and to wear a mask. This was before our world, this world, got rocked to its very foundation and core by the COVID-19 pandemic,” Alisha says.

Both future granddads were present and pleased, but especially her father-in-law, Raymond Sr. After his first grandson was born, Raymond Sr.’s children had given birth to a steady string of granddaughters. This newest grandchild would be his first grandson in 15 years. 

“That was even more exciting for him because he said ‘I have someone to carry on my name,’ ” Alisha recalls. “This was right before the pandemic. He was able to see the ultrasound and just celebrate with us. Sadly, that was the last time we were able to celebrate with him.”

Raymond Bradshaw Sr. is among the 285,000Americans to die during the spiraling COVID-19 pandemic. He passed April 8, 2020 from this unrelenting disease.

Kiara Crawford

In this research study we plan to leverage our large fetal normative database to compare in-utero fetal and ex-utero preterm cerebellar growth trajectories. These findings will inform specific targets, interventions and timing of future neuroprotective strategies, advance clinical practices, and improve neurodevelopmental outcomes.

Amarie, an infant born prematurely, is enrolled in a Children’s research study that seeks to understand how preterm birth affects the cerebellum, a brain region responsible for motor coordination and that also may play a role in attention and language.

Kiara Crawford and her mother, Michelle Dallas, explain why they decided to enroll Amarie in a research study at Children’s National. This research study seeks to understand how preterm birth affects the cerebellum, a brain region responsible for motor coordination and that also may play a role in attention and language.

Aishwarrya Jayapal

Hello everyone! My name is Aishwarrya Jayapal, a former intern at the Developing Brain Institute. I've been researching and volunteering at this lab for a total of 1.5 years and I can honestly say that this experience not only has shaped my professional life, but it has given me the maturity, work ethic, and sense of perseverance that I'm proud of today. Watch this video to learn more about my unique experiences and how you can also utilize the incredible resources at this lab to learn and grow!

Agnieszka Kosiorek

Agnieszka Kosiorek is final-year medical student at Justus-Liebig University in Giessen, Germany, originally from Warsaw, Poland, currently on radiology rotation at Cantonal Hospital Aarau in Switzerland. Living as an international medical student in five different countries gave her a better understanding of different cultures and increased her awareness of need for medical advances, especially those with an aim of moving focus from damage control to early diagnosis, enabling to anticipate and control the outcome.

Her medical background and passion for diagnostic imaging granted her a unique opportunity to research in the Developing Brain Institute at Children’s National Medical Center in Washington, D.C., USA., directed by Catherine Limperopoulos, PhD and to start her dissertation on “Pre- and postoperative Brain MRI Findings and Their Relationship to Neurodevelopment in Newborns with Congenital Heart Disease”, with Can Yerebakan, MD and Roland Axt-Fliedner, MD, PhD as her mentors. After obtaining the National Medical License, she hopes to pursue her passion by commencing a radiology residency program.