Our Core Team

Over the past decade, the Developing Brain Institute has grown from a staff of six to a phenomenal, diverse and talented team of more than 45 staff and partners. The Institute has assembled leading scientists and health care providers from across myriad disciplines and health care models (tertiary care to primary care) that are at the forefront of clinical research and translational efforts focused on accelerating screening, diagnosing, treating and preventing prenatal onset brain disorders to improve child health and well-being for life.
Clinical Director of Research, DBI and Attending Neonatologist

Lead Perinatal Behavioral Health Specialist


Perinatal Behavioral Health Specialist

Perinatal Behavioral Health Associate

Graphic designer/medical illustrator

Clinical research coordinator

Perinatal behavioral health specialist

Perinatal Behavioral Health Specialist

Clinical Research Coordinator

Clinical Director of Perinatal Behavioral Health

Research Faculty (Asst. Prof)

Our Partners


Srikanth Damera

Laura Abella

Ariunzaya Amgalan

Simone Burchard

Lily Carroll

Gia Carusone

Sophia Czopek

Donna Dadkhoo

Hannah Duncanson

Vedavalli Ganesan

Sophie Gengler

Hailey Gauck

Smriti Gupta

JT Howard

Zahra Iqbal

Manuela Jimenez

Allen Min Jo

Chris Jose

Brittany Lessin

Andrew Lim

Victoria Lyou

Elizabeth Matsiyevskiy

Emily Miller

Dhruv Patel

Ashwin Rajesh

Geetika Reichmann

Kristianne Rulona

Alexander Sabel

Aden Selassie

Chloe Sitrin

Emma Somer

Marissa Steinberg

Nathan Suh

Amaya Tatum

Prarek Thakker

Annika Townsend

Maia Yarborough

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