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NICHD T32 Clinical Research Training for the Prenatal-Neonatal Brain

Children’s National Hospital | George Washington University

The Prenatal Pediatrics Institute and the Center for the Developing Brain at Children’s National Hospital are inviting applications for a NIH T32-funded postdoctoral fellowship that will focus on Clinical Research Training for the Prenatal-Neonatal Brain starting in July 2020.

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Training Goal

The goal of our NIH T32 training grant on Clinical Research Training for the Prenatal-Neonatal Brain is to provide multidisciplinary training to MD, DO, PhD or MD/PhD postdoctoral scientists in prenatal-neonatal clinical neuroscience research.

The T32 fellowship will train future leaders by equipping them with (i) a deep understanding of the developing prenatal-neonatal brain in healthy and high-risk pregnancies; (ii) expertise in advanced diagnostic techniques for the brain and placenta; and (iii) the necessary skills to ask critical questions with the scientific rigor that will be necessary for the development of future independent research careers.

Duration of Award:

• 2 year fellowship (with option of a 3rd year)

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Program Eligibility - NIH T32 requires:

• Trainees must be citizens or a noncitizen national of the United States

• Trainees have been lawfully admitted for permanent residence by training appointment date.

For additional information, contact:

• Dr. Catherine Limperopoulos at
• Dr. Adre du Plessis at