This research study seeks to better understand brain development in premature babies.

We are particularly interested in an area of the brain called the cerebellum. The cerebellum is responsible for motor coordination of the body and also plays a role in higher functions such as attention, cognition and language.

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Premature Infant | Jack holding Maneesha (2.2 pounds)

Investigating the Development of the Cerebellum

This study investigates the development of the cerebellum in premature babies, and its relationship with early development.

“Our research focuses on the developing brain, both in utero and in the newborn stages of life.”

We are developing advanced MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) techniques to examine the structure, connectivity, and metabolism of the brain in ways that cannot be done with conventional MRI studies. It is our long-term goal to be able to identify babies with impaired brain growth as soon as possible, so that the proper interventions and clinical planning can take place.