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For a staggering number of women, pregnancy is not a time of joy


women are affected by mental health disorders during or after pregnancy


of depressed women go undiagnosed. Half of diagnosed women go untreated


Black women suffer from maternal psychological distress

You’re not alone

Fortunately, Mommy&Me has the tools to effectively find and treat these women; intervening early can help D.C. babies enjoy the strongest start at life.

Our overall goal at Mommy&Me is to partner with former patients, moms with experience giving birth in D.C. and other members of low-income Black communities to develop and test different approaches to overcome obstacles and achieve health equity by providing effective mental health screening and care. Our patient partners spoke loudly and clearly: It’s too difficult to get mental health care in D.C., and it ends too quickly. So, participants will remain in the study up to 12 months after delivery. And our Mommy&Me study also will include women who do not yet meet criteria for being diagnosed with major depression or anxiety.


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Mommy&Me strives to find and effectively treat low-income Black women receiving prenatal care at our three recruiting sites and intervening early to help D.C. babies enjoy the strongest start at life.

Who can participate
Low-income pregnant women who are Black or of African descent, who are older than 18 years with a pregnancy of 28 weeks gestation or less. Study participants must speak English and receive prenatal care at George Washington University, Howard University or Unity Health Care.
Who may not participate
  • Pregnant women:

  • Who are younger than 18 or older than 45

  • Whose pregnancies are more advanced than 28 weeks’ gestation

  • Who are under the influence of a substance/experiencing active psychosis

  • Who are not Black or of African descent

What should I expect?
  • You will complete a number of questionnaires to assess your mood and overall health of you and your baby. This will occur during pregnancy and until your baby is 12 months old.

  • You will be randomly assigned to participate in the intervention. This means connecting with a maternity care specialist, receiving individual or group therapy, and an optional peer support group during and after your pregnancy. We anticipate these interventions will reduce depression, anxiety and stress that you may experience during and after pregnancy.

  • After your baby is born, we will meet with you and your newborn to ask about your infant’s health and development. We also will measure how you and your newborn are bonding. Our team will continue to monitor your baby’s development up to his or her first birthday.

Will I be paid?
  • Study participants will receive up to $255 to $415 in total compensation, if you complete all questionnaires and attend all therapy sessions. This includes $10 per session toward transportation expenses for any in-person interventions.

Our recruiting sites

Meet the Mommy&Me team

Hermela is excited to bring her talents to the Mommy&Me project to improve birthing experiences and maternal mental health outcomes in Washington, D.C.

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Clinical research coordinator

As a coordinator for this PCORI-funded Mommy&Me study, Hanna works closely with community partners and providers to recruit and enroll participants, collect data and help to manage the three-year study.

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Perinatal Behavioral Health Specialist

Naimah is honored to continue empowering, educating and supporting the perinatal population in her role on the Mommy&Me team.

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Meet our Peer Support Group Facilitators

Mommy&Me Virtual Mommy Meet-ups

Mercedes created Virtual Mommy Meet-ups to enable mothers who experienced postpartum depression to talk with other women who feel and felt the same way

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Mommy&Me Virtual Mommy Meet-ups

Each project Stephanie has worked on has continuously motivated her to make a positive impact on the lives of young people and others in her community.

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Now Hiring | Clinical Research Coordinator

The Clinical Research Coordinator participates in or leads day-to-day operations of clinical research studies conducted by the co-Principal Investigators. This individual performs a variety of duties involved in the collection, compilation, documentation and analysis of clinical research data. The successful candidate will attain progressive functional knowledge of Good Clinical Practices, Office of Human Research Protections regulations and Food and Drug Administration regulations, when applicable.
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Now Hiring | Perinatal Behavioral Health Specialist

The Mommy&Me Perinatal Behavioral Health Specialist provides behavioral health screening and appropriate response including diagnostic and behavioral health interventions to pregnant and postpartum patients. Collaborate with all involved teams and support services to ensure that patient and family needs are met. Identifies and prioritizes clinical and psychosocial goals. Problem solves to ensure follow through on needed responses by multidisciplinary team. Ensures optimal outpatient coordination, and excellent collaboration between teams and partner organizations with a focus on patient experience and outcomes. The Perinatal Behavioral Health Specialist also provides support and guidance to partner organizations.
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