Catherine Limperopoulos PH.D.

Catherine Limperopoulos, Ph.D., is the founding Director of the Developing Brain Institute and Director of the Advanced Pediatric Brain Imaging Research Program at Children’s National Hospital and Professor of Neurology, Radiology and Pediatrics at the George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences.

The Developing Brain Institute has assembled leading scientists and health care providers from across myriad disciplines and health care models (tertiary care to primary care) at that are at the forefront of clinical research and translational efforts focused on accelerating screening, diagnosing, treating and preventing prenatal onset brain disorders to improve child health and well-being for life. Dr. Limperopoulos’ research seeks to understand the impact of an adverse intra- and extra-uterine environment on the developing fetal brain and its long-term neurodevelopmental repercussions. She is an occupational therapist and pediatric neuroscientist who has demonstrated repeated successes in completing novel patient-centered clinical and translational research in healthy and high-risk pregnant women and neurodiagnostic and neurodevelopmental surveillance in high-risk fetuses and preterm infants. She has or has had funding from the National Institutes of Health, Canadian Institutes of Health Research, the Department of Defense, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and private foundations, like the A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation. She has authored more than 140 peer-reviewed publications. She also leads the Integrating Special Populations Module of the CNMC-GW NIH Clinical and Translational Science Award, which focuses on improving recruitment and retention of disadvantaged women into preventative maternal-fetal clinical trials aimed at optimizing long-term, maternal-infant health and well-being. She co-leads the DC Mother-Baby Wellness Network, funded by a June 2020 investment from the A. James & Alice B. Clark Foundation. The Network is a city-wide effort to create new interventions to reduce mental health issues commonly experienced by pregnant, low-income women.

Dr. Limperopoulos is founder and director of the DC Perinatal Mental Health Consortium, which brings together multiple stakeholders from our regional (Washington, D.C.) health care partners in obstetrics, psychiatry and pediatrics and an established community advisory board with representation of stakeholders from low-income, African American communities including DC-Primary Care Association, Mary’s Center, Community of Hope, Unity Health, DC-Primary care center, Mamatoto Village and African American patients, representatives with expertise in advocacy and policy. The overarching mission of this DC collaborative is to determine the optimal delivery of screening and low-cost interventions aimed at reducing the striking health disparities experienced by low-income women in the District of Columbia.


Address: 111 Michigan Ave NW, Washington, DC 20010
Department: MRI Lab

Recent Publications & Presentations

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