Tareq Al-Shargabi, MS

Staff Scientist

Tareq Al-Shargabi, MS, is a Staff Scientist who joined the Prenatal Pediatrics Institute in June 2013. Mr. Al-Shargabi is an engineer with cross-disciplinary knowledge and a vast array of skills. He utilizes MATLAB and Python in his work and aims to leverage different data techniques to uncover the hidden insights within data. Mr. Al-Shargabi obtained his Master of Science degree from Virginia Commonwealth University in December 2013. He worked extensively on ECG and physiological signals obtained from infants, as well as designed graphic user interfaces for data collection.

Address: 111 Michigan Ave NW, Washington, DC 20010
Email: fetalbrain@childrensnational.org
Department: MRI Lab

Recent Publications & Presentations

Sanapo L, Al-Shargabi T, Ahmadzia HK, Schidlow DN, Donofrio MT, Hitchings L, Khoury A, Maxwell GL, Baker R, Bulas DI, Gomez LM, du Plessis A.
Fetal acute cerebral vasoreactivity to maternal hyperoxia in low-risk pregnancies: a cross-sectional study
Prenatal Diagnosis. 2020. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/32274806/
Al-Shargabi T, Reich D, Govindan RB, Shankar S, Metzler M, Cristante C, McCarter R, Sandler AD, Said M, du Plessis A.
Changes in autonomic tone in premature infants developing necrotizing enterocolitis.
Journal of Perinatology. 2018. https://pubmed.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/29609189/