Nandi “Flower” Barton

Mommy&Me Stakeholder Engagement Core member

Nandi “Flower” Barton, Stakeholder Engagement Core member, is a mother of two daughters and Founding Member of Moms’ Collective Wisdom, focus group members whose wisdom shaped the Mommy&Me study proposal. Barton also is a DC Primary Care Association context specialist and, in that role, works with DC Women’s Health, advocating for access to resources and offering DC Mommy Meet-up support groups and training in respectful care. Barton also works with different organizations across the city to help them become human centered. Barton knows firsthand the struggles of pregnancy as a teen mom and raising children as a single mother in Washington, D.C. And she knows that she would have been and could have felt so much better when it came to raising her daughters if she had had more support. That’s one of the reasons she is happy this PCORI-funded research project includes maternity care specialists who will advocate for moms before and after delivery. Just knowing there is a go-to person will help moms cope with challenges that come their way. Having an advocate who will speak for moms whose voices are often muted and tone policed. In the focus groups, members also supported text messages as a way to send encouragement and motivation, even for moms in the prevention group. Trauma runs deep, and this project can help to mobilize sources of support during the first, second, third, fourth trimester and beyond. #DontMuteMothers #NoMothersLeftBehind

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