Laura Hitchings, BScM, ACRP-CP

Clinical Research Program Manager, Prenatal Pediatrics Institute

Laura Hitchings, BScM, ACRP-CP, is Clinical Research Program Manager for the Prenatal Pediatrics Institute at Children’s National. The Irish-trained midwife has been managing the Children’s National Inova Collaborative Research Program (CNICA) since 2017. Laura has been involved in clinical research for the past seven years and has extensive experience in both PI-initiated and large-scale clinical projects. She graduated from Trinity College and completed her training as a midwife in The Rotunda Hospital, both in Dublin. Her research interests include high-risk pregnancy, preterm premature rupture of membranes (PPROM) and delayed cord clamping (DCC).

Address: 111 Michigan Ave NW, Washington, DC 20010
Email: fetalbrain@childrensnational.org
Department: MRI Lab

Recent Publications & Presentations

Hitchings L, Rodriguez M, Persaud R, Gomez L.
The effect of delayed cord clamping on blood sugar levels on 34-36 week neonates exposed to late preterm antenatal steroids.
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Sanapo L, Al-Shargabi T, Ahmadzia HK, Schidlow DN, Donofrio MT, Hitchings L, Khoury A, Larry Maxwell G, Baker R, Bulas DI, Gomez LM, du Plessis AJ.
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