Jessie Amick

Clinical Research Coordinator

Jessie Amick, a Clinical Research Coordinator within the Clark Parent & Child Network Prenatal-Neonatal Pillar, joined the team in May 2021. Having previously worked as a research associate on various studies about neonatal autonomic tone, she joined the team with a passion for pediatric health. In addition, her background in health promotion and public health led to an understanding of how community-led initiatives can positively impact health outcomes.


Jessie plays a critical role in managing the research activities of the Clark Parent & Child Network Prenatal-Neonatal Pillar, including overseeing enrollment, data collection and data cleaning. She aims to establish research practices to complement existing perinatal mental health clinical work in the District of Columbia. She hopes this project will produce generalizable data that fosters new policy and practice changes within the realm of maternal mental health, creating more opportunities for families to flourish.

Address: 111 Michigan Ave NW, Washington, DC 20010
Email: fetalbrain@childrensnational.org
Department: MRI Lab