Dorothy Bulas, M.D.

Chief, Diagnostic Imaging and Radiology

Dorothy Bulas, M.D., is Chief of Diagnostic Imaging and Radiology in the Division of Diagnostic Imaging and Radiology and Director of Fetal Imaging of the Prenatal Pediatric Institute at Children’s National Hospital. Dr. Bulas is a Professor of Pediatrics and Radiology at the George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences. Dr. Bulas is boarded in both pediatrics and radiology and a fellow of the American College of Radiology, American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine and the American Academy of Pediatrics. Her clinical and research interests include prenatal sonographic and MRI evaluation of congenital anomalies, transcranial Doppler evaluation of neonatal and pediatric cerebrovascular injury, pediatric imaging safety, and international outreach.

Recognized as an advocate for improving pediatric radiology worldwide, she is a past president of the Society for Pediatric Radiology and past president of the World Federation of Pediatric Imaging. Dr. Bulas was the 2017 recipient of the Radiological Society of North America's Outstanding Educator Award. In 2018, The Society for Pediatric Radiology presented Dr. Bulas with its Gold Medal Award, its most distinguished honor, which is awarded to pediatric radiologists who have contributed greatly to pediatric radiology as a scientist, teacher, personal mentor and leader. She is an editor of Fundamental and Advanced Fetal Imaging, Wolters Kluwer.

Address: 111 Michigan Ave NW, Washington, DC 20010
Email: fetalbrain@childrensnational.org
Department: MRI Lab

Recent Publications & Presentations

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