RO1 Fetal Visit 3

MRI Check-in | Step1

  • You will check in at the same location as your other MRI visits, only this time with your baby! There, we will ask you to complete paperwork regarding your labor and delivery information, in addition to study questionnaires to measure your stress levels (no cotton ball necessary at this visit).


MRI Prep | Step2

  • Your baby will then be taken to the MRI preparation area where a licensed pediatric psychologist and neurologist will measure your baby’s head and perform an examination. This will take approximately 15 minutes.


MRI Screening| Step3

  • If not yet done, the baby should be fed after the exam with psychologist and neurologist. Once this is complete and the MRI machine is ready, the baby will be screened for metal and then prepared/swaddled for the MRI. The MRI should take approximately 1 hour to complete.

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Complete MRI | Step4

  • Before you are taken to the MRI, you and your baby will be screened for any metal. If any metal is found, you will be asked to remove it. You will be given a locker to place your belongings for the duration of your MRI. The MRI will take 1.5-2 hours to complete.

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Complete | Step5

  • Once your baby’s MRI is complete, you will receive a parking voucher and $75 cash for your participation.

    We would like to once again thank you so much for participating in our study!

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Visit 3 Complete

*Important Note for this visit:
It should be arranged that your baby will be fed immediately prior to the MRI scan time. For example, if an MRI is scheduled at 3 :30PM, then feeding should be planned for 2 :45PM, which will allow ample time for feeding, burping and swaddling/MRI prep of the baby.

*Reminder to parents for MRI visits:
Please leave all jewelry (rings, necklaces, earrings) at home and remove any piercings (such as nose, tongue, belly button, etc). If you have minor children and are bringing them with you, please ensure to bring a guardian to care for them while you are in the MRI. Legally, the hospital staff cannot care for children who are not part of the study or receiving treatment.